Daily Readings for Monday, April 22nd

24 Hours a Day Meditation for the Day Divine control and unquestioning obedience to God are the only conditions necessary for a spiritual life. Divine control means absolute faith and trust in God, a belief that God is the Divine Principle in the universe and that He is the Intelligence and the Love that controlsContinue reading “Daily Readings for Monday, April 22nd”

Facebook Invite for WordPress Friends

While my sabbatical from social media is done this day, I’ve made a commitment to continue posts on WordPress. I realize that some of you know me only through this blog, so I thought I’d offer up an invitation to my Facebook page. I tend to post things there quite often and it’s a bitContinue reading “Facebook Invite for WordPress Friends”

Daily Readings for Sunday, April 21st

24 Hours a Day Meditation for the Day I must arise from the death of sin and selfishness and put on a new life of integrity. All the old sins and temptations must be laid in the grave and a new existence rise from the ashes. Yesterday is gone. All my sins are forgiven ifContinue reading “Daily Readings for Sunday, April 21st”

When and Why Concerning Lent

I’m reading today that Lent officially ended this past Thursday….and there all this time, I thought it ended on Easter Sunday. I’ll keep off social media until at least midnight tonight, but here’s some additional information and history about the Lenten season: https://www.countryliving.com/life/a26294776/when-is-lent/