Even in the Worst Times…Shared Reading from Rick Warren

Even in the Worst Times, God Is Good BY RICK WARREN — FEBRUARY 25, 20191.7K “Protect me, God, because I trust in you. I said to the LORD, ‘You are my Lord. Every good thing I have comes from you’” (Psalm 16:1-2 NCV).Although it’s true not everything that happens in your life is good, that doesn’tContinue reading “Even in the Worst Times…Shared Reading from Rick Warren”

At Any Given Moment…

“What manifests in front of us at any given moment is actually something truly extraordinary– it is the end result of all the forces that have been interacting together for billions of years. We are not responsible for even the tiniest fraction of what is manifesting around us. Nonetheless, we walk around constantly trying toContinue reading “At Any Given Moment…”

Daily Readings for Wednesday, April 17th

24 Hours a Day Meditation for the Day I gain faith by my own experience of God’s power in my life. The constant, persistent recognition of God’s spirit in all my personal relationships, the ever accumulating weight of evidence in support of God’s guidance, the numberless instances in which seeming chance or wonderful coincidence canContinue reading “Daily Readings for Wednesday, April 17th”