100 Days of Writing – Day Sixty-Nine

It would seem the world has changed in so many ways as a result of the pandemic. Stores being in short supply of what used to be readily available is something I’ve noticed here of late. I needed to purchase a battery charger for my camera’s battery today and I thought it would be aContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Sixty-Nine”

Random Thoughts for Reflection

A lot has been going on in my life here of late. Quite a few changes and attempts to make life more enjoyable. In the midst of it all, a lot of confusion has ensued and it’s definitely been a time for some deep soul searching. When things don’t turn out as we might wish,Continue reading “Random Thoughts for Reflection”

To Fast or Not To Fast…that is the question

As we approach the season of Lent, I ponder whether or not to take my usual sabbatical from social media, namely Facebook. I know that Lent 2021 will begin on Wednesday, February 17 and ends on Saturday, April 3. For the past several years, my “doing without” has meant I stay off all social media during thatContinue reading “To Fast or Not To Fast…that is the question”

Unusual Occurrences and Such

There are times in life when I’m more aware of things going on that are unusual or odd. Yesterday was one of those days. I had two examples of events occurring that caused me to pause and wonder what that was all about. The first is a twist of good fortune. I have had problemsContinue reading “Unusual Occurrences and Such”

My Thoughts on it All – Pandemic 2020

Here we are, in the middle of April, a time where our minds turn to baseball and all those things we love to do outside. But this year is dramatically different from most any we’ve ever experienced, feeling the effects of the worldwide pandemic knows as Covid-19. We’re well into the second month of socialContinue reading “My Thoughts on it All – Pandemic 2020”

Shared Reading: "Coronavirus deaths: What we don't know"

The drastic measures taken in the UK to tackle coronavirus have been justified because of the need to save lives. Modelling by Imperial College London – used to inform government – suggests 500,000 could die if we do nothing. Even the government’s previous strategy to slow the spread was likely to lead to 250,000 deaths,Continue reading “Shared Reading: "Coronavirus deaths: What we don't know"”

What if? – The internet goes down

With an increasing number of folks using technology for communication during the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I’m sure the internet is being tested with peak usage. As I plan lessons for my students to receive online, I’ve noticed the time it’s taking to load each page is a bit slow. I’m assuming that internet usageContinue reading “What if? – The internet goes down”

Thoughts on whether or not to continue social media hiatus

Little did I realize when I began my hiatus from all social media three weeks ago today that we would be in the midst of a worldwide pandemic during that break. Things have escalated quickly and I’ve gone from being at work most every day to working from home beginning tomorrow. All this has meContinue reading “Thoughts on whether or not to continue social media hiatus”

Hiatus Insight – What is Facebook Saying About All This?

I consciously chose to take a hiatus from social media for the season of Lent. At the time I made that decision, I had no idea that something as big as the Coronavirus would become such a big deal and the topic of so many conversations. I ask myself this morning, what must Facebook beContinue reading “Hiatus Insight – What is Facebook Saying About All This?”