100 Days of Writing – Day Thirty-Two

Smoking Cessation – Day Thirteen I’m entering day thirteen of my latest effort to quit smoking and although the cravings and urges are still there, I’ve not found it necessary to light up a cigarette since July 18th. The nicotine lozenges have been a real asset to curb the craving for nicotine, especially when firstContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Thirty-Two”

100 Days of Writing – Day Thirty-One

Fear – The Evil and Corroding Thread… I went to a meeting with some like-minded friends this morning and as I was the meeting chair, I had the job to come up with a topic. I had thought about it for quite a while and thought the topic of “fear” would be an excellent discussionContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Thirty-One”

100 Days of Writing – Day Thirty

No particular topic today…just writing off the top of my head Today is one of those days where no particular topic appealed to me, so I’m just going to be writing off the top of my head. Sometimes those can be some of the most entertaining pieces to craft. I delivered Meals on Wheels todayContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Thirty”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Nine

What do we do when we’re struggling? Are there things that you’ve found that are helpful? There are times during all of our lives where the struggle becomes real. Life happens and we find ourselves in the midst of difficult situations, some not of our own choices. “Life gets lifey,” as one of my friendsContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Nine”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Eight

Adventures in Living: Trying to treat ADD with meds, while at the same time, quit smoking – Day Twelve ( I think) Last Monday morning I smoked what I am hoping is my last cigarette for this lifetime. It was around 5:05 a.m. when I took my last puffs. Today I celebrate one week fromContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Eight”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Six

Adventures in Living: Trying to treat ADD with meds, while at the same time, quit smoking – Day Nine I continue to trudge the road with prescription medication to treat my ADD and smoking cessation. I’ve taken a 10 mg pill for methamphetamine for the past nine days and seem to be having good resultsContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Six”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Four

I saw it sitting there…that one lonesome cigarette. It was begging me to light it up. I am three days and ten hours into my quest to not smoke any more cigarettes. I’m not going to say it’s been easy, but I am not struggling as much as I have in the past. The nicotineContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Four”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Three

Adventures in Living: Trying to treat ADD with meds, while at the same time, quit smoking – Day Six Day six has once again been successful in terms of not smoking cigarettes (4:44 p.m.) I had an active day, babysitting my granddaughter and delivering Meals on Wheels. Staying active is definitely a plus when itContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Three”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Two

Adventures in Living: Trying to treat ADD with meds, while at the same time, quit smoking – Day Five Another day is nearly half-done and I’ve had more success today than on any of the other previous days. I awakened this morning at 5 a.m. and had a cigarette. Before retiring back to bed, IContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-Two”

100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-One

Record your family treasures. Write down a favorite family something: a recipe, a saying, a tradition, or a story. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the family tradition that first comes to mind for me is our weekly Sunday lunches (or dinners, if you prefer). These have been a time-honored family ritual from my earliestContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Twenty-One”