Christmas Eve Visit from the Elf…

It’s definitely one of those “You’re not going to believe this” stories. I returned from a family function tonight expecting to see a package on the front porch. The tracking info said it was on or near my front porch and further investigation revealed it supposedly had been left there at 8:25 a.m. I searchedContinue reading “Christmas Eve Visit from the Elf…”

Emotions and Intelligence – A Balance

Emotions are a part of what makes us human. We also have been given intelligent minds to help us navigate life’s course. Keeping these two in their proper proportions can be the key to leading a meaningful, joyful life. I seek to understand the importance of both emotions and intelligence in my own life. TheContinue reading “Emotions and Intelligence – A Balance”

Social Media Sabbatical – Day Four

Today marks the fourth day of my vacation from all social media.  It truly can be said you don’t know how many hours of your day are spent doing something until you’re not doing it any more.  There are many times during the past four days that I’ve had to ask myself “What am IContinue reading “Social Media Sabbatical – Day Four”