The Diagnosis…and Beyond

I’ve always known that my mind worked quite a bit differently than most. But although I had labeled myself as ADHD and actually twice tried medications to help control it, I didn’t feeling understand its ramifications until just recently.

An initial intake visit with a new therapist opened the door to a discussion of both ADD and ADHD. I was sharing some of the problems in daily and personal life and he brought up the topic. While I’m waiting for an official diagnosis next week, the reading I’ve done and several online tests I’ve taken leave no shadow of a doubt that I have ADHD.

One of the books that I’ve been reading is “The ADHD Advantage” by Dale Archer, MD. It has shed a lot of light on the topic and has helped me to examine the characteristics that those of us with the condition exhibit.

The following is a list of traits and a short description of how I perceive it’s played out in my life:

1.) Difficulty Focusing or Staying on Task – This has been a struggle for me, especially in my adult years. I’ll start a task and before you know it, my thoughts lead me into other areas and I totally lose focus on the task at hand. This is one of the reasons reading the book on ADHD has been a chore.

2.) Inattention to Details – This one hasn’t been as big of an issue for me. Although when I have lost focus (see above), some of the details I should be paying attention to are tossed to the side.

3.) Trouble listening – I attribute at least a part of this to the fact I have a moderate hearing loss. I can’t always decipher what’s being said and quickly lose interest. This has been exacerbated during the current pandemic when others are wearing masks. I also tend to focus on what I’m going to respond with and miss the total content of what the other person is saying.

4.) Avoidance of tasks you don’t find interesting – This is a big one for me. This explains why housekeeping has always been such a chore for me. I don’t enjoy cleaning; I therefore keep putting it off, only making things worse. And during those times when I actually do get started, it doesn’t take much to get me off-task.

5.) Frequently losing things – This is an area I seem to have improved in over time. Although to look at things on the surface would lead you to believe I’d frequently lose things, I ordinarily don’t lose them for long. In other words, I know the general area of their location.

6.) Being easily distracted by external stimuli – Indeed, this is so characteristic of me in daily life. As I’m typing this, my phone is sending notification that I’ve received two text messages. And it’s difficult to focus on the words I’m using to try to express myself. This leads back to characteristic #1, which is losing focus or staying on task. (As a third notification rings on my phone, I’m actually going to stop here and come back shortly.)

7.) Forgetfulness – To my credit, this is one area I don’t tend to have many problems with. I’m good at keeping appointments and remembering what people have shared. So on this list of characteristics, I would have to say I don’t have much of an issue with this one.

Above all else, I’ve learned that ADHD can be displayed in many different ways. And there are several parts of the spectrum that may demonstrate themselves more than others. But I have begun the journey of a better understanding of ADHD and have started learning some techniques to deal with it. Above all else, I’ve learned I’m far from alone.

David Lee

Change,,,the Only Constant in Life

As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, I am reminded that one of the only constants in our lives is change. As the seasons roll through, one to the other, so our worlds do as well. And as individuals, we too find ourselves changing with the times.

I tend to think of myself as a creature of habit. There are certain places I like to go to eat, for example. I rarely deviate from those few places. So when I notices changes, especially in my own behaviors, I take note. Such is the case in my life over the past couple of months.

One of the things I’ve changed recently is that I’ve started walking each day. I know that exercise is important for physical health, but I’m also learning that it’s important for mental health as well. This past week, I’ve walked at least five miles each day, sometimes more. This change has helped me stay more focused and has also improved my self-esteem.

Although I’m a person who loves to read, I’ve recently started putting more time and effort into that. I’ve read several books completely (which is a rarity) and have also been listening to podcasts by the authors of those books. I even purchased an IPod and listen to those podcasts as I’m walking. My journal is filled with quotes and excerpts from the books I’m reading and it’s proved helpful to read back over those from time-to-time.

I have been struggling with the all of life here of late and the exercise and reading and writing have certainly helped. But I also realized that I might need some professional guidance to aid me in my journey. So I contacted a therapist and have already been to my first visit with him. I’m working on improving my outlook on life and, as with the reading, am getting fresh perspectives on how to view the world.

So as we get ready to begin a new school year, there are those positive changes I’ve made in my life. Being stuck in a mental rut or “doldrums” as I like to call them, is no fun place to be. I probably don’t need to tell any of you that. But with the few changes I’ve made in my life, I’ve got a more positive outlook and am looking for better things to come.

David Lee

Card Reading for August 24/25, 2021



Essential meanings:gathering information and taking in cues; the art of conscious allowing.

The Oracle’s Message: This is a time of calculated receptivity as you gracefully await what is coming for you, ready to accept it when it appears. Yin does not involve frozen dreams or even resting, but rather consciously allowing things to flow into you, and to you. It implies sensitivity as you study the actions of others and contemplate how they will affect you and yours, alert and ready to receive the bounty that will be made available to you. Remember, you must make space for miracles to appear. Be the “shaped,” not the “shaper,” and you’ll see how quickly your dreams manifest.

Relationship message: Let others take the lead right now. Your power lies in small gestures, soft awareness, and receptive allowing. By yielding the reins, you will find yourself gracefully moving closer to what you truly desire. Permit others to tell you who they are and who they can be to you by allowing their actions to speak about them. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Prosperity message: This is a time when the most effective action is to allow others to show you the way forward. Observe their behavior and follow their lead. Your desire to push through must take a backseat for now. Collaborate and offer your ideas, rather than dictate what must happen. Let others come to you with their ideas and offers. It’s important that they feel they have power now. Another meaning is about releasing your need to have things in the form you want. How do you want to feel in your success? Now allow the universe to show you the form. Yin is the sign of essence. Things may go more smoothly than you expect.

Faith Amidst Struggles, Regardless of Circumstances

I am reminded this day that the strongest of faiths can be built during the most trying of circumstances. I look back on my life and see that the times when my faith was bolstered the most was when life had dealt its harshest blows. Such is the way life works…such is the way faith is constructed.

I’m glad I write in my journal most every day. While some of the entries are inspirations I have found from my reading, many more are logs of the various events in my life. Looking back and reading, I can see where the conditions in my life were not in the brightest of lights. Yet, here I am today, still living life one day at a time with a stronger faith because of what I’ve experienced.

Hebrews 11:1 reminds us that “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” During our darkest of days, our faith reminds us that there is One who has all power. And we are to trust in Him in both the good days and bad.

Today, let us look at whatever our circumstances might be to grow our faith…and step out onto the waters despite the storms in our lives. Brighter days will be ahead.

David Lee

Stop Wondering the “Whys” in Life…

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect here the past several weeks and a part of what I’ve learned is that I’ve had an insatiable desire to know “why” things in life have turned out as they have. I want to get at the root cause of things and be able to rationalize why outcomes in life were as they were.

I think an inherent part of this desire is to be able to avoid calamity in the future. I want to be able to tell ahead of time what’s going to happen in life, based on past occurrences and bottom line, avoid pain at all cost. And all the while I’m examining what’s transpired in the past, I’m certainly not living in the present and am letting opportunities pass me by.

I’m learning that faith has to be a part of my journey, in knowing that things turned out as they did because it was supposed to be that way. God’s plan, the Universe’s plan, whatever you choose to call it, has lessons through all that occurs in our lives. And while it does good to try to glean from those lessons, it’s not so wise to stay stuck there.

So, if just for today, I’ll trust in the Universe, in the God of my understanding, that everything that’s happened in my life was meant to happen just as it did. Future events in my life will happen just as they are supposed to as well. I will trust the Universe to send me what I need, including the people, places, and things that will guide me to exactly where I’m supposed to be.

David Lee

My Just-Beginning Podcast Address

I was reminded by a friend that from time-to-time I needed to look for new outlets to express myself and my life’s journey. WordPress had a link to a podcasting website and so I clicked on it and was taken to And from there, I had discovered I had totally forgotten that I had done one podcast episode in February of 2020, right before the covid pandemic hit.

So I have broadcast an additional podcast episode today and will try to do so on a regular basis. I hope there are those of you who will listen in and enjoy it.


David Lee

Perspective on God…

I recently saw a friend post a picture of herself on the beach with the caption “God is so good.” That same friend, on her way home from the beach, was having car problems. I reminded her in a comment to “Remember that God is good.”

Other situations come to mind. Someone is having severe medical issues and is in dire need of a miracle. Someone posts about the person and asks for prayers. The affected person, over time, improves. The person who posted said “God is so good. Prayers answered.”

I guess my question would be, is God’s goodness conditional? Is God’s goodness based on circumstances being what I “want” them to be? Is God also not good when things aren’t going as well as we’d like, when the person we’re praying for doesn’t recover and perhaps even dies?

Just a few random thoughts on God’s goodness. God’s will being done can occur in a variety of circumstances. And perhaps it’s not any more evident than when things don’t turn out like we’d like for them to. God’s will can still be fulfilled despite the outcomes we experience in life.

David Lee

Two Weeks Away from Social Media

Tonight I’m beginning a two week break from Facebook. I’ve once again realized how much mindless time I spend on it and think being away for a while will do me some good. I’ve left instructions on my page on how to access the daily posts I do for those who really want to continue to read them.

I’ve done a break from Facebook before, namely during previous Lenten seasons. After much contemplation, this past year I didn’t take the usual hiatus during that time period. Although this break won’t be nearly as long, I’m thinking it will suit its intended purpose.

So as of 11 p.m. tonight (five minutes from the current time) I’ll no longer be perusing Facebook countless times during the day. I’ve also uninstalled the FB and messenger apps from my phone to aid in reducing temptation. I’m planning on doing quite a bit more reading and writing and will also be sharing some of what I’ve learned on this blog.

David Lee

The Universe Responds, Like It or Not…

I have come to the conclusion that the Universe as we know it does indeed respond to what we are putting out there. You can call it “manifesting” or any one of other terms, but it does indeed exist.

Recently finding myself in one of those periods in life I refer to as the “doldrums,” I’ve been stuck knowing what to do next. I’m in a position to do any one of a number of things, but hesitate to do anything one would call productive. The summers of my life have always tended to be this way and now that I’m retired, even moreso.

Over the past week and into next week, I’m pet and housesitting for my daughter, who is away on vacation. With the television services that she has, I’ve been able to watch several movies and have chosen ones I hope provide inside for this period of time in my life. I started off with my all-time favorite “Signs” and was reminded that everything happens for a reason and that there are indeed no coincidences.

So I’m assuming for the time-being that this point-in-time in my life was predestined to be exactly what it is…a period of questioning and digging deeper into what makes me tick. I’ve got a lot I need to be doing, but have generally speaking, been lacking the motivation to do anything. Meanwhile, the hamster wheel in my head continues to turn at breakneck speed.

But I suppose I can say that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment in time in my life. I’ll be celebrating my sixty-second birthday next week and just perhaps, that’ll be a kick-start into actually getting more done in my life and less just thinking about what I need to get done.

The universe will respond either way.

No description available.

David Lee