When Mama was a Little Girl – by James Buckham

The following is the second of poems I found in newspaper clippings found in my great grandparents’ Bible: When Mama was a Little Girl – by James Buckham When mama was a little girl, The children were so good – dear me! They always did what they were told, And kept as clean as cleanContinue reading “When Mama was a Little Girl – by James Buckham”

Freddy’s Questions – a poem by Mabel Matson

The following is a poem that was found in a clipping from a newspaper. The clipping was in a Bible that belonged to my great grandparents and I liked it so much I thought I would share it: Freddy’s Questions – a poem by Mabel Matson You say that God is here upon our earthContinue reading “Freddy’s Questions – a poem by Mabel Matson”

Patience, Tolerance, and Acceptance…

Patience, tolerance, and acceptance are three principles that I have to work on each and every day. The world today moves at a break-neck pace and sometimes I forget that everyone has their own rate of speed with which to do things. It’s not really up to me to tell other’s how or at whatContinue reading “Patience, Tolerance, and Acceptance…”

Notes and Musings for a Beautiful Saturday Morning…

Notes and Musings for Saturday, March 6, 2010 * What a beautiful Saturday it’s going to be ,,, current temperature is 38 degrees with blue skies and sunshine,,, springtime can’t be far behind * Speaking of springtime, next Sunday is the day we must bite the bullet and set our clocks ahead one hour. *Continue reading “Notes and Musings for a Beautiful Saturday Morning…”