I only thought I was retiring…

Heather Fulbright knew she wanted to be a teacher like her dad, David Moser. Daughter follows in father’s footsteps Sarah Newell williamson Apr 19, 2010 The Moser family has influenced thousands of Catawba County students. When veteran teacher David Moser leaves the classroom this June, he’ll take with him memories of math-themed songs and contestsContinue reading “I only thought I was retiring…”

Life–An Experiment

I heard someone mention the other day that life is nothing more than an experiment and I’ve done some thinking on that since. It seems that’s the case with most of life situations we find ourselves in these days. Like any good science experiment, we open up to observations with what we see going onContinue reading “Life–An Experiment”

Heading Towards the Homestretch….

The time marking my hiatus from social media is quickly coming to a close. Ten more days and I’ll be logging on to Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat once more. It’s certainly been an interesting five weeks thus far and I’ve realized what a hold social media does have on my life. The last couple ofContinue reading “Heading Towards the Homestretch….”

Everthing’s Going to Be Alright…

One of my favorite albums to listen to when I was growing up was the soundtrack to “Jesus Christ Superstar”…..I listened to its songs over and over time and again. I had the opportunity to see a local theater group performance some sixteen years ago. While I’ve been watching episodes of the History Channel’s “Jesus-HisContinue reading “Everthing’s Going to Be Alright…”