One Big Thing…Part Two

So my idea of “one big thing” per day is working pretty well. What used to be a commonplace activity has become the highlight of the day. And as long as I can do one something out of the ordinary, I think I’ve accomplished my goal.

On Saturday, my one big thing was to mow the grass,,,it was long overdue. The forecast of rain and the man across the street mowing his were enough motivation to get me going. This, despite the fact I’d had problems with my riding mower the last time I had it out. It worked like a charm…at least for a while. I had gotten about 3/4 of the job done when the belt that drives the blades came off. I tried to rethread it, but alas couldn’t remember the path it took. So I went and got my push mower and did the rest with it. Job accomplished and unexpected exercise to boot.

On Sunday, which was Easter Sunday, my one big thing was to reintroduce myself to social media. I had taken a hiatus from it over the time of Lent and although Lent had officially ended several days prior, I’ve always made it my habit to return on Easter Sunday. I was glad to be connected to the virtual world once again and most seemed to be glad to have me back. I realized that in this time of social distancing, social media can play an even more important role.

I will have to admit I didn’t really have one big thing for Easter Monday. It was raining the first part of the day and although the sun eventually came out, I can’t really say that I did a whole lot. I’m thinking that even a new habit needs at least one day off per week.

Today my one big thing has been to get a new router for my home. I had problems connecting on Zoom meetings with my family and upon investigation and a call to a technician, discovered that the router I had was not capable of carrying the full load of bandwith that my service provided. I found out that I could get a new router at the cable store just down the street and so for today, that’s been my one big thing.

I was a little apprehensive switching out the router, remembering times in the past it had been difficult to connect with. But this router plugged in and worked like a charm. I’m hoping that the increased bandwidth will enable me to more fully participate in future Zoom meetings with the family and others.

So my only question now is, what will my “one big thing” be for tomorrow? I’ll ponder on that and see what I can come up with. Creating a one big thing per day is all a part of the fun.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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