That Sure Escalated Quickly

The current state of affairs with the Coronavirus has changed greatly over the past couple of days. It’s obvious that the threat of the virus spreading over large areas is causing extra steps of precaution to be taken. On Friday of last week, it was announced that the local school systems were cancelling all plansContinue reading “That Sure Escalated Quickly”

What I’m hearing on the Coronavirus

This virus is deadlier than the flu and a lot more contagious than the flu…(CNN) This is a “come together” moment for the United States, in fact the world…we need to work together to prevent further spread of the flu (CNN) President Trump has declared a national emergency – Friday, 3:32 pm It’s nearly impossibleContinue reading “What I’m hearing on the Coronavirus”

Coronavirus Hits Closer to Home…

As I await to listen to President Trump’s address on the Coronavirus, I become aware that stories about the Coronavirus are starting to hit closer to home. I received a Robocall from the church that I attend stating that Sunday’s services have been cancelled, as well as Lenten services next Wednesday. It’s definitely a changingContinue reading “Coronavirus Hits Closer to Home…”

Hiatus Insight – What is Facebook Saying About All This?

I consciously chose to take a hiatus from social media for the season of Lent. At the time I made that decision, I had no idea that something as big as the Coronavirus would become such a big deal and the topic of so many conversations. I ask myself this morning, what must Facebook beContinue reading “Hiatus Insight – What is Facebook Saying About All This?”