Coronavirus Hits Closer to Home…

As I await to listen to President Trump’s address on the Coronavirus, I become aware that stories about the Coronavirus are starting to hit closer to home. I received a Robocall from the church that I attend stating that Sunday’s services have been cancelled, as well as Lenten services next Wednesday.

It’s definitely a changing mood here over the past day or so. Some school systems have called off classes and universities have taken even more drastic measures. It would seem that the virus has gone from something happening “somewhere else” to our back yard.

I will have to admit I’m paying closer attention to the latest news concerning the spread of the virus. A week or so ago, it was something happening in other countries…this week it’s more prominent in the U.S., forcing one of our major sports events to be cancelled.

And as I stated in an earlier blog, this is all happening during a time when I’ve cut myself off from social media, that might answer a lot of my questions and see how others are responding and being effected.

I did go get a haircut this morning and went to eat at a small restaurant, where I saw a long-time friend. His company had requested that their employees work from home if at all possible, which he was choosing to do. I’ve also received an email on my school account that’s offering options on their website for students whose schools have been closed.

My personal opinion is that our own school system will be closing its doors when we’re supposed to return next Tuesday. It just so happens that we had two scheduled workdays this Friday and next Monday. The end of the semester is occurring right as things start to worsen in our own county.

Just a few thoughts on a very fluid situation and I’ll continue to update.

David Lee

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I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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