100 Days of Writing – Day Eighty-Four

I have several sets of “oracle” or “tarot” cards that I will sometimes make a draw from to find out what it has to say. There are also online versions and the draw I made from one of those this evening was quite interesting and insightful.


Nothing is wasted

Protection Message: Do you wish you could run away from your past or deny your mistakes? “Not so fast,” says Vulture Spirit. You have gained something valuable from the experience.

Let your grief or anger move through you and soon your emotions will transform, for you will come to see that you have learned and grown. The alchemy of transformation is a gift from Spirit, so never disown what embarrassed, disappointed, or shamed you. It will soon be a source of great wisdom and strength as you work with the magic that allows miracles to be created out of sadness and beauty to arise from ugliness.

Vulture Spirit wants you to know that you embody beauty, and the alchemical transformation of the past is happening already. Hang in there; you are so loved, and so much beauty is waiting to come out of all of this.

Source: https://www.colettebaronreid.com/use-colettes-free-online-oracle-cards-app/

This past year has been one of many ups and downs in my life. During the month of May, I lost my dear dog Abby to cancer, got married, and had my mother die, all in the span of one week. To say it was an emotional month is putting it mildly. I dealt with it all the best I could and trusted that all would be well.

This year has been one of great changes in my life as well. I am once again getting acclimated to living life on my own and trying to make sense of all that’s occurred since those fateful months of May and December of last year. Some days are better than others and then there are days like yesterday when everything seems to be like the weather was, cold and dark.

Today’s reading that I’ve included above, seems to be speaking to me in a powerful way. I have heard that regardless of whether events in our lives are termed as being either good or bad, there are lessons to be learned that will help us down the road. So even though I’ve experienced great sadness and loss, I know that I’ll be stronger on the other side of it. Sometimes when you’re in the midst of it all, you can’t really see that. But I have faith that will be the case with me.

And just like yesterday’s cold and dreary rain will give way to today’s sun and blue skies, the difficult events of this past year will one day become steps for learning how to have a fulfilling life.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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