100 Days of Writing – Day Eighty-Three

Two-and-a-half weeks into my hiatus from social media and all is well. I’ve even contemplated not going back once Easter Sunday has arrived. Time will tell….

Twenty-some-odd days into staying away from social media and I can actually say I’m not missing it all that much. At least not as much as I did the first few times I tried much the same. There are those times that I’ve been tempted to take a peek but have been able to thwart the craving.

The past three Saturdays, I’ve gone on antique hunting expeditions. The first Saturday I went to places locally that I’ve been to before, but then the past two weekends, I ventured out and traveled quite a bit in a quest to find some treasures.

The biggest finds for me, at least as far as what I like to look for, have been two Coca-Cola clocks from the 1950s. The first came last week at a quaint antique store that I had found. I even managed to get a discount on it after asking if they’d take any less than the sticker price. I don’t often times do that, but in this case, it was beneficial and worked!

Today I found a similar Coca-Cola clock that had the same design, but a different background color. The price on it was already reasonable, so I didn’t dicker with the owner at this antique mall. In the case of both clocks, I made sure to plug them in and let them run a bit before purchasing them. Older clocks can be problematic when it comes to working condition. I found another old clock that I would have purchased today, but it didn’t run.

There’s a map of all the antique malls in North Carolina and I’ve been checking them off as I visit them. While I don’t buy something at each stop, it is interesting to see what is out there that people enjoy looking for. I’m not sure that I’ll go anywhere next Saturday, as I need to work some here around the house, including find places for the buys that I’ve made.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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