Trying to Make the Right Choices

So it would appear that we have reached an impasse in our Coronavirus journey here in the U.S. There are some that say the “stay at home” orders issued should continue until there’s a downward number of cases. Then there are those who say enough time has passed and that the orders need to be lifted so people can return to their jobs and normal lifestyles.

Certainly there are no easy choices to be made here. While there has been an overall decrease in the number of new cases, a lot of that can be attributed to the fact most states have had “stay at home” orders in place. Several states in the past week have lifted those orders or at least lifted some parts of the restrictions. I watched on Facebook this morning as a live feed of a good number of people enjoying the beach as restrictions there had been lifted.

Most definitely people’s livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic. Record numbers of people have lost their jobs and there are those businesses who fear their days in business might be coming to a close. I get that part of it and yes, I’m one of those who’s been afforded the ability to work from home. So perhaps I’m not the best one to address those with that concern.

But I also see the side of those who are saying it’s way too soon to even attempt to return to normalcy. We’ve seen reduced numbers largely due to the fact that we’ve put social distancing practices into measure. While the numbers have been decreasing, most experts agree that we need to continue that trend for a two week period before considering lifting any restrictions.

So the basic dilemma seemingly is the health of the population vs people’s freedoms and their right to work. I’m not sure that I have any of the answers,,,for they are not easy.

I’ll close with links to two stories that those in the decision-making process might want to consider:

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I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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