Lessons Learned….or are they?

I’ve always been one to try to “figure things out” in life,,,to be able to reason why it is that people do they things they do, especially when they have an effect on my life in some way.

Best I can figure, life uses our experiences to teach us important lessons. And what we take from those experiences can help us in the future by allowing us to find happiness and avoid heartbreak.

The problem arises when we tend to apply those lessons in similar situations where it may not be warranted. I’ll try to address this in generic terms.

Person A at one point exhibits certain behaviors and we think that we’ve figured out what those behaviors meant. I’ll call that lesson learned.

So at a later point in life, Person B starts exhibiting some similar behaviors and we figure the behaviors mean that person is doing things for the same reasons Person A was back in time.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t always know why people do the things they do and my conclusions as to why they’re doing something may or may not be accurate.

And what if I did know what motivates someone else to do the things they do? Is there some prize I’m going to get? Or do I just get to say “I’m right about this person and it is true of most in human nature.”

Just for today, I’m going to make an attempt to not always have to understand why people do what they do. I’m going to realize that there is no prize for figuring other people out. It’s best for me to take into account how I’m responding to another person’s actions rather than trying to understand why it is they’ve done what they have.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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