Social Media Sabbatical – Day Four

Today marks the fourth day of my vacation from all social media.  It truly can be said you don’t know how many hours of your day are spent doing something until you’re not doing it any more.  There are many times during the past four days that I’ve had to ask myself “What am I going to do now?”

Wednesday was the beginning of the Lenten season and my hiatus was designated for its start on this day.  The early morning hours upon waking suddenly had a lot more time available than I might have imagined.  I started a guided meditation “Encounter” to fill some of the time and continued to do that on Thursday and Friday.  I did feel like I got good results from the time spent, even if meditating is still a struggle for me.  I would imagine it will get easier with time.  I also attended the Ash Wednesday service at my church and actually did some real socializing.

Thursday was a busy day with my job as a free-lance photographer. I had agreed to take pictures for a local groups “Women’s History Month” award ceremony and reception.  Once again, it afforded me the opportunity to actually get out and meet and talk with people instead of spending an inordinate amount of time on social media.

Friday I was once again on the prowl taking pictures for the local newspaper taking pictures for their weekly feature.  I attended the opening night of a play at a local theatre and went by a nearby restaurant to fill my quota of shots.  At both places I saw acquaintances and interacted with them.  While uploading my pictures at the newspaper office, I heard a call on the police scanner for an automobile accident and went to get some pictures on the scene.  One of those pictures can be viewed at the end of this entry.

Today, Saturday, I went to eat breakfast with a high school friend and attended a recovery meeting.  Once again, getting out and about and actually doing things instead of cruising social media was the end result.  I’m most likely going to attend another recovery meeting this evening to support a friend who will be sharing his story.

There are definitely those parts of browsing social media that I miss. I’ve missed posting occasional pictures of interesting things I find on my daily journey.  I am keeping track of the pics I would usually share and will be sharing those when I return to the social media scene.  Some of the pictures I’ve taken I’ve chosen to share here.

Discipline is a key part of the sabbatical I’ve taken from social media.  I know there’s good reason why I’ve chosen this as what I’m doing without this season.  I had contemplated doing much the same before the season of Lent actually started.  I’m sure this will be easier as time goes on and then there’s that day, Easter Sunday, when I’m going to be making a decision whether or not to return at all.

David Lee

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I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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