100 Days of Writing – Day Eighteen

Adventures in Living: Trying to treat ADD with meds, while at the same time, quit smoking – Day Two Today marks my second day at an attempt to treat my ADD and quit smoking. Results for the day (at 2:28 p.m) have been mixed thus far. I woke up at 6 a.m. and decided itContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Eighteen”

100 Days of Writing – Day Seventeen

Adventures in Living: Trying to treat ADD with meds, while at the same time, quit smoking – Day One Here I am, at sixty-three years of age, dealing with two “situations” in my life: Attention Deficit Disorder and smoking cigarettes. I’ve tried a couple of prescription medications for both ADD and smoking without success. ThisContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Seventeen”

100 Days of Writing – Day Sixteen

“The eyes of others are our prisons; their thoughts our cages.” – Virginia Woolf — What does this quote mean to you? One of the common thoughts we all have in life is to be looked upon as favorably by others. For many, self-esteem is directly tied to what perception others have of us,,,,at leastContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Sixteen”

100 Days of Writing – Day Fifteen

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” – Elizabeth Edwards What does this quote mean to you? In looking at this quote, I am reminded that storms are a part of life. Life can tend to get “lifey” and we sometimes find ourselves inContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Fifteen”

100 Days of Writing – Day Fourteen

My try at poetry – Based on inspiration from Isaiah 40:31 and a hawk I saw flying through the sky on two seperate occasions. Hawk flying so high above my head, Floating effortlessly, wings outspread. Moving to and fro with the winds that day, Never doubting its heights to achieve. Searching the firmament below, SuchContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Fourteen”

100 Days of Writing – Day Thirteen

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” (Baba Ram Dass) What does this quote mean to you? For the most part, I tend to be a rather quiet person. Some find this to be unusual for someone who’s spent his life as a teacher. But more times than not, I tend to beContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Thirteen”

100 Days of Writing – Day Eleven

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in a drop” What does this quote mean to you? We are but an infinitesimally small part of the “big blue marble” we call Earth. Indeed, when viewed from the perspective of the entire universe, Earth itself seems inconsequential. So how areContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Eleven”

Random Writing – Fear, the evil and corroding thread

Fear has been called “the evil and corroding thread that weaves its way through the very fabric of our existence.” (1) . That certainly has been and can be the case with me. I went through a particularly tumultuous time in my life and would find myself awaking each morning in terror and dread, filledContinue reading “Random Writing – Fear, the evil and corroding thread”

100 Days of Writing – Day Ten

Get Up and Go What gives you purpose? Do you have a dream or passion that you share with others? I don’t have to ponder too long to answer the question about what gives my life purpose. For the past forty-one years, including twelve after my “retirement,” I have been a classroom teacher. Each assignmentContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Ten”

100 Days of Writing – Day Nine

A Place in History What historical event or contexts – way back in time or more recently – have affected you individually or as a family? I would have to say that the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge effect on me individually, on my family, and on society as a whole. Little did weContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Nine”