Shared Reading: "Coronavirus deaths: What we don't know"

The drastic measures taken in the UK to tackle coronavirus have been justified because of the need to save lives. Modelling by Imperial College London – used to inform government – suggests 500,000 could die if we do nothing. Even the government’s previous strategy to slow the spread was likely to lead to 250,000 deaths,Continue reading “Shared Reading: "Coronavirus deaths: What we don't know"”

Working from Home – Day Two – Friday, March 20th

My second day of working from home began early this morning, with a video meeting with our school superintendent. He shared the latest information on what the schools were doing in preparation for the upcoming weeks of at-home learning. Another meeting was held early this afternoon with our grade level teachers from across the system.Continue reading “Working from Home – Day Two – Friday, March 20th”

Shared Reading: Coronavirus: Four members of New Jersey family die

Four people in the same family have died from coronavirus in the US state of New Jersey, with three more relatives in hospital. Grace Fusco, 73, and six of her adult children fell ill after attending a large family gathering. Nearly 20 other relatives are now self-quarantining and waiting to find out if they haveContinue reading “Shared Reading: Coronavirus: Four members of New Jersey family die”