100 Days of Writing – Day Six

“Old ways won’t open new doors.” What does this quote mean to you? If I keep doing the things I’ve always done, I’m going to keep getting the results I’ve been getting. If the results of my efforts are desirable, then I likely should keep doing the same thing. If the results are undesirable, thenContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Six”

100 Days of Writing – Day Five

Saying No… How easy is it for you to say no? Not very. For much of my life, I have been a people-pleaser and have ended up saying “yes” to what other people have requested before thinking it through. And then some time later, I’ve regretted agreeing to do something and have gotten resentments withContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Five”

100 Days of Writing – Day Four

Your best self… Consider when you have been at your best. What was happening? What were you doing? Who were you with? How did it feel to be your best self? I feel at my “best” when I’m in a classroom teaching. I don’t know that there’s been any particular moment I’m recalling, just aContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Four”

100 Days of Writing – Day Three

When you were a kid,,, What activities did you love as a kid but have since dropped? When I was a child the thing I remember most is loving to ride my bicycle. My grandfather repaired bicycles and I usually had a good bike to pick and choose from. The one I remember riding mostContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Three”

100 Days of Writing – Day Two

Day Two – High-Five Yourself Consider your proudest moment. What was it and how did you feel? I had been nominated quite a few times for school system teaching awards, but never had gone on to win. In 2002, I had once again been nominated for our middle school and was attending the banquet forContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Two”

100 Days of Writing – Day One

Day One – Pivot Point Your story so far Think about your life so far. What’s been a pivot point in your story? Describe the before and after. My pivot point definitely came on August 10, 2002. I at that point realized that I am an alcoholic. My wife of twenty-two years had left andContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day One”