100 Days of Writing – Day Three

When you were a kid,,,

What activities did you love as a kid but have since dropped?

When I was a child the thing I remember most is loving to ride my bicycle. My grandfather repaired bicycles and I usually had a good bike to pick and choose from. The one I remember riding most often, the one I “rode the wheels off” was a white ten-speed.

I would take off early to ride on a Saturday morning. Many times I would end up at a small restaurant uptown, which was run by the husband of my first-grade teacher from years before. It seemed I was treated as royalty each time I would visit. I remember one time in particular that it was pouring rain outside and when I came in, totally drenched from head to toe, the two waitresses got towels to help dry me off.

I loved riding downtown in our small town. It seemed there was always something interesting going on. One time in particular, I remember when a police car and firetruck that were answering the same call collided at an intersection. I never did find out which one had run the red light or if either was at fault.

Most every time I took out on those Saturdays, I would end up at my grandparents’ house, where I would stay for the rest of the day. This was in those days that your parents didn’t really wonder where you were going or what you were up to. I do suppose that my grandmother probably called my parents to let them know I had arrived safely. As best I can remember, I usually spent the night with them since they lived right next to the church we attended.

I don’t ride a bicycle anymore, even though I do have a practically new one in storage. I’m sure it would help my physical health to get back into the habit, but I really don’t see that happening.

Good times they were.

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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