Bravery defined – Reading from "The Book of Virtue"

“The brave person is not one who is never afraid. That is rather the description of a rash or reckless person, someone who may be more harm than help in an emergency. It is hard to “educate” such a person on the spot. The coward, on the other hand, the one who characteristically lacks confidenceContinue reading “Bravery defined – Reading from "The Book of Virtue"”

Working from Home – Day Two – Friday, March 20th

My second day of working from home began early this morning, with a video meeting with our school superintendent. He shared the latest information on what the schools were doing in preparation for the upcoming weeks of at-home learning. Another meeting was held early this afternoon with our grade level teachers from across the system.Continue reading “Working from Home – Day Two – Friday, March 20th”

Working from Home – Day One – Thursday, March 19th

Today begins my first official day of working from home. The Coronavirus has closed schools here in North Carolina and I’ve decided to work from home, at least for the time being. I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to do thus far. We met earlier this week and got three weeks worth of workContinue reading “Working from Home – Day One – Thursday, March 19th”

What if? – The internet goes down

With an increasing number of folks using technology for communication during the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I’m sure the internet is being tested with peak usage. As I plan lessons for my students to receive online, I’ve noticed the time it’s taking to load each page is a bit slow. I’m assuming that internet usageContinue reading “What if? – The internet goes down”