Do We Always Know What’s Best?

One of the keys to fulfillment in a person’s life is knowing what actions to take and then following through with them.  Our lives are filled each day with decisions we must make and we don’t always have the luxury of a wealth of time to make “best” choices. There are also times in ourContinue reading “Do We Always Know What’s Best?”

Hickory Football/Soccer Player in the N.F.L.

Ryan Succop, a Hickory High School grad, was the last player picked in last year’s N.F.L. draft.  He not only won a spot on the Chief’s roster, but became their starting placekicker. His stats thus far: Succop is 9 out of 10 on field goals, with his longest coming from 53 yards. He is aContinue reading “Hickory Football/Soccer Player in the N.F.L.”

Deciding When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye

Deciding When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye In the decision I’ve made to retire at the end of the current school year, there are many factors that play a part.  I’ll make a list and to the best of my ability tell what my thinking is in each case. 1.)  I’ve gotten enough years ofContinue reading “Deciding When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye”

Years of Service – Part Three

Years of Service – Part Three During the first two years of my tenure at H.M. Arndt I taught both seventh and eighth grade math and science.  I was paired with Betty Lohr, who had more than thirty years experience.  The second of those two years I taught an algebra class and had a pre-algebraContinue reading “Years of Service – Part Three”

Years of Service – Part Two

Years of Service – Part Two Once again the school year started up and once again I didn’t have a teaching position.  I decided it would be a good idea to at least substitute teach to have myself  “out there” in case a position would become open.  I made index cards with my name andContinue reading “Years of Service – Part Two”