100 Days of Writing – Day Ninety-Two

Today, it’s just some random thoughts…no particular topic.

It’s spring break again, and this one is quite different from the last. So many things have happened in this past year and times like this where I can reflect on it all are essential.

I’ve been analyzing a lot of the events that have occurred this past year and as I always do, trying to make sense of them all. And then there’s the realization that I’m wasting many of my present moments when I spend time doing that. I’ve definitely got to work on living more in the present and dwelling less on the past.

Sure, there are lessons to be learned from the past, but moreso, there are enjoyable moments to be experienced in the here and now. Today is a prime example of a day that I can choose to spend dwelling on parts of this past year or enjoying the beautifully gorgeous day outside. The choice is mine.

So just for today, I’ll realize when those thoughts and feelings about the past are popping up and divert them into doing something here at the house or getting out and about to enjoy the beautiful day.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary and middle school science teacher.

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