100 Days of Writing – Day Eighty-Six

I’ve been writing in a journal for the past twenty-plus years. It was a suggestion from a therapist who I was seeing at the time. Little did I realize at the time what an important part of my life it would become. I found a journal the other day that I never had finished. I had reaching a turning point in my life and thought it appropriate to start a new journal. Reading back in the unfinished journal has been insightful. If only I knew then what was going to transpire. But then again, maybe I did.

From journal entry for December 2, 2022 —> Friday – 12:21 p.m. – Barnes and Noble ( I always put the date and time and place I’m writing)

Another journal has begun. This journal will most likely bring in a new year and we’ll say good-bye to what has been one of the most difficult years of my life. There will be no looking back and only looking ahead for what the new year’s possibilities are.

I will most likely reach a new level of turning my will and my life over to God’s care on multiple fronts. And I will hopefully be much happier for all the changes that are on the horizon for the year ahead.

So much has happened this past year and God only knows what will happen in the upcoming year. (Talk about prophetic!!!)

It was said at the meeting this morning and just perhaps it needs to by my mantra going forward: “Do no harm.” I know what I would like to have happen and I ask God to set that in motion (Truth is, I now don’t remember what that was.) if that is indeed a part of His will for our lives. (Now I’m really trying to remember what I was thinking at that time.)

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary and middle school science teacher.

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