100 Days of Writing – Day Seventy-One

“Radical acceptance” – I heard the term twice in two days and the universe has created circumstances in which I’ve had the opportunity to practice it.

Acceptance is a concept that I’ve gained an understanding of over the past years of my life. The way it’s worked is that usually there are unwanted, unpleasant circumstances that arise and I’m reminded that “acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.” (Big Book, p. 417).

In a meeting one day recently, a member mentioned the term “radical acceptance.” The next day, while reading a book, I saw the term again. I then proceeded to do some internet research on the topic. Within a week, I had events occur in my life that required I put into practice the radical acceptance I had been researching. Below is a short summary of what it entails.

Radical Acceptance

  • I can find myself in situations in life that I don’t like or understand and say to myself “It shouldn’t be this way.”
  • I need to remind myself that the unpleasant reality is just as it is; “This is what has happened.”
  • I need to review what has happened, in particular, the reasons that it happened as it did. “This is how it happened.”
  • I need to accept the disappointment, sadness, and grief to arise within me and not push them away
  • I need to acknowledge that I can lead a meaningful life despite the pain present with the current situation
  • I need to practice acceptance, even if I don’t do it perfectly…it will come with time

So as I continue to trudge the road of happy destiny, I’ll absolutely accept what has occurred in my life…remind myself that my journey is a human experience, and move forward with the rest of my life with new lessons learned.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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