100 Days of Writing – Day Forty-Nine

The first day of school for students is officially in the books,,,,year forty-two for me. Things went smoothly today. There were a few glitches, but nothing unexpected. With so many students to serve, there were a few schedule quirks we had to deal with, but nothing major.

The first day of school always brings up a few butterflies. The “great unknown” of what the new school year will bring and what each of your classes will be like. But it’s all a part of anything new in life and I’m convinced it’s going to be smooth sailing for the remainder of my interim position.

My schedule is a good one. After homeroom, I have three science classes, each an hour in length. The students then spend ninety minutes in their rotation classes, which is a planning period for me. After their rotation classes are done, we then take them to lunch. That is followed up by the last of my four science classes before we dismiss for the day.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me occurred when I had a chance to see some of my students from last year. They are seventh graders this year and acclimating themselves to a new school setting. I’m hoping that seeing a familiar face helped make their day a bit brighter.

Day one of the school year down, quite a few more to be had. I’m glad I took this interim position and just like most of the rest, will find it difficult to leave when my time is up. But such is the life of the interim teacher.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

One thought on “100 Days of Writing – Day Forty-Nine

  1. I know teaching is such a rewarding profession! I wish I could return to my 6th grade Science class. Here’s to a wonderful school year!

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