100 Days of Writing – Day Eleven

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in a drop”

What does this quote mean to you?

We are but an infinitesimally small part of the “big blue marble” we call Earth. Indeed, when viewed from the perspective of the entire universe, Earth itself seems inconsequential. So how are we, as humans, supposed to consider ourselves as an entire ocean in a drop?

I have heard the phrase “I may not be much, but I’m all I ever think about.” All the while, those voices in our heads are giving commentary on what’s going on in the world around us. But those “voices” are not who we actually are. They’re a compilation of viewpoints that come from our previous experiences and the knowledge we’ve gained on our path. In the words of author Michael Singer, we’re actually the ones who are listening to all those voices.

While my contributions to the world at large may be limited, I know that I have added to the lives of the limited number of people I know. Whether this has had a lasting effect on them, I cannot tell you. But especially in my job as a classroom teacher, I’ve tried to instill a love of learning and worthwhile character in each of my students. Some of those efforts have been more successful than others. But I’m hoping that at least some of my former students have achieved success because of something they learned while in my classroom.

I don’t think we can compare what we’ve achieved in life in comparison with others. While there are those who receive more notoriety and achieved more in practical terms, we all have our parts to play in the whole of it. There are many moving parts that make up complicated machines and the Earth is no different. It takes many of us working together to get anything accomplished.

I don’t know that this completely answers the question at hand, but it’s what comes to mind at this point in time.

Until we meet again, press forward!

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary and middle school science teacher.

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