100 Days of Writing – Day Ten

Get Up and Go

What gives you purpose? Do you have a dream or passion that you share with others?

I don’t have to ponder too long to answer the question about what gives my life purpose. For the past forty-one years, including twelve after my “retirement,” I have been a classroom teacher.

Each assignment I’ve been placed in has given me an opportunity to practice what I love most – teaching.

Whether the subject matter is math or science, drama or language arts, I feel like I’m having a positive influence on the students I teach and that gives my life purpose. It also happens to be what I’m most passionate about. I truly feel at home in the classroom.

And while I hope I do an adequate job of helping them learn the subjects matter at hand, I think my true purpose goes far beyond that.

I hope that…..

  • my off-brand sense of humor makes their days a bit brighter and brings laughter into their lives.
  • my acceptance of students from diverse backgrounds helps them to be more accepting of those who are different.
  • making the subject matter relevant to their daily lives causes them to look for connections with what we’re learning in the classroom and the outside world.
  • my caring attitude, even when there are undesired behaviors, teaches them the practice and attitude to become productive citizens one day.
  • when they say that Mr. Moser was one of their teachers, they’re able to smile and have fond memories.

And that is what gives my life purpose.

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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