Detachment is the freedom not to be angry or sad….

Reading #89 from “Let Go Now” by Karen Casey

“Many would argue that we can’t keep our feelings separate from the actions of others or the circumstances that have befallen us. I am certainly not trying to convince you that this is an easy task, but it is doable. While I admit it has taken me hundreds of practice sessions, and the willingness, again and again, to look the other way, to turn a deaf ear, to let others have their own meltdowns and ego attacks without me getting ensnared, it is possible. And it feels so good when we succeed!

Accepting our powerlessness over the behaviors of others isn’t easy. We think, If only I’d said it this way. Or perhaps, If only I had made that special dinner or brought flowers first. We then get fooled into thinking that if we do something differently, too. Alas, that’s never going to happen, unless by accident. People do what they do. Period. Our good fortune is to learn how empowered we feel when we let them!

Awaking each morning, being grateful to know that we can have the kind of day we want, is one of the gifts of embracing a spiritual program. Relieving ourselves of the burden of trying to make others conform to our wishes is a gift we can gladly unwrap a day at a time.”

“Today promises to be a happy one, regardless of what others are doing, if we are attending to our own business and no one else’s”

Let Go Now by Karen Casey

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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