Another Journey Begins…

When I retired from full-time teaching ten years ago, I had no ideas as to how I was going to spend my extra time. A twenty-nine year career, all but one of which was spent teaching middle school, had left me thinking that it was time to hang it up. Yet here we are, eleven years later, still in the classroom, just underway with yet another interim position.

Of the fourteen interim positions I have taken since retirement, six have been maternity leave positions. The position I’ve just undertaken is one such, a third grade position. If you had told me I’d be willing to undertake teaching a grade with children that young, I would have questioned your sanity. Yet of the interim positions I have taken, eight of fourteen have been in elementary schools. A far cry from my first year of teaching in 1981, when I barely made it through a year with a fourth grade class.

Each position has had challenges of its own. In most cases there was a definite time frame that I knew I would be working. With each of the maternity leaves, there was a distinct set of lesson plans to be followed. Then with some of the other positions, I was left to my own devices as to how best to proceed with lessons.

Adding to the mix with the current position I’m filling is the special conditions surrounding the pandemic. There are no in-person classes on Friday, which makes it a four day work week. I will also be teaching all subjects, instead of focusing on one or two as is usually the case. I’m fortunate to have a great school to work at and a teacher who has laid out specific plans to be followed.

It should be an interesting set of weeks to say the least. I’m moving forward and excited to have the opportunity to do what I believe is my life’s calling.

Let’s keep the faith and trust the journey.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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