One Big Thing a Day…

The days of quarantine continue to to trudge along. As I was telling my daughter, some days will be better than others. The past couple of days have been good ones and I’m trying to think in positive terms about the days ahead.

Yesterday, I helped my daughter and her mother’s family and my sister move things out of her house. The packing up and loading up into vehicles took about ninety minutes. We brought most all the containers to my house and unloaded in about thirty minutes. Not the easiest of jobs, but I did have a chance to see quite a few of my family members and that made it well worth the while.

Today has been mowing day. The man across the street got out around 9 am to mow his grass, so the imagined pressure was on. The last time I mowed, about two weeks ago, I had trouble with my riding mower and was fearing that would be the case today as well. I got the rider started up and mowing away without any duress. I had mowed about half of the yard when the belt on the deck came off. I thought I had remembered how it was threaded, but that didn’t work. So I limped the mower to the garage and got the push mower to finish the job. Although it took a bit longer than it should have, I got most all of it done to my satisfaction.

And so it is with quarantine life. A big event per day. Some of them are planned in advanced and some are impromptu. Tomorrow is Easter and at the current moment, I don’t really have anything “big” planned for the day. We usually have a family video meeting on Sunday, so perhaps that will be my big event for tomorrow.

And so life goes,,,one day at a time.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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