First Two Days…

I’ve nearly completed the first two days of my hiatus from social media for the season of Lent. It has been quite a bit easier to navigate than my first two years attempting this and I think it will not be as difficult as it’s been in the past.

The first thing I had to do was to removed Facebook and Instagram applications from my phone. I also found out that the two FB messengers I had installed could work independently and so I also had to remove them as well. Quite a few times over the past two days, I’ve look at their usual place on my phone’s screen, only to remember I’d removed them.

I’ve continued to post my two meditations in the morning. I accomplished this by bookmarking the site the two reading are found and posting them both as one blog entry. This has required minimal effort and seems to have achieved its goal of providing them for my FB readers that truly enjoy reading them each day.

I’ve also continued to post puns each day, although my goal is to publish just one instead of the usual three. I also posted several weather readings from my home weather station, as well as pictures that I’ve taken during the day. Best I can figure, I can post an album of these when I return on Easter Sunday.

One new venture that I’m exploring is the creation of a podcast for broadcast each week. I had previously downloaded an app for my phone and have been experimenting with it to make sure the podcasts can be posted on the WordPress website. The only question now is what content I would include on the podcast. I hope to come up with an idea or two during this next weekend and hopefully broadcast it this next weekend.

So far, so good is what I’d say. I do miss certain parts of social media, but I think the forty-nine days I’m going to spend away will bear its own fruit.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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