Stranger Things…

So sitting in my favorite cafe’ this evening, a group of what I’m assuming are family members are having a discussion (if that’s what it can be called) Two things in particular about the conversation I’m “overhearing”: 1) They are talking loudly enough where anyone is the whole place can hear what they’re saying 2) The conversation they’re having is probably best termed “family’s dirty laundry” and would best be left for a more private setting.

The lastest that I heard the eldest member of the group say is that certain family members are crazy. How ironic it would be that those are my same thoughts about this particular group seated nearby.

I’m all about families getting together. In fact, I do that every Sunday with my family at my parents’ home. And certainly nothing wrong with choosing a cafe’ with plenty of good coffee and books at your disposal. But the type conversation that they’re having in probably not something most would consider appropriate for a public hearing.

“Excuse you, excuse you, excuse you…” “Aren’t they so cool….” Three of the six people in the group have enough forethought to leave the table for a short while, but they’ve returned.

At least there’s a lot of laughter at this point.,,that’s a good thing. Apparently no knives will be drawn or blood shed.

I don’t see you often now…” And then there’s that laugh that reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West on the Wizard of Oz. I’ve also noticed that several of the cafe’s regulars have turned their heads to stare at this motley crew. I’m not going to be surprised if there’s return fire.

“Honey, we’re just picking on your mom.”

I’ve figure the eldest is the leader of the pack. One of the other females is her daughter,,, her husband is there as well,,,at least that’s who she just hugged for a long while. I take it the two of them have had about all they can take from the mother and decided it’s best to walk around for a bit.

The cafe’ will be closing in fifteen minutes, so the show will soon be over. I’d usually leave around this point, but I don’t want to miss the final act of the show.

“They’ll have to come to the house” she says… I take it that’s probably an order….”Get out, get out” she says as the group assembles to leave. “Have I mentioned this small child’s crazy…” “Are we making you crazy Bill?”…

One of the two chess players that are regulars stop the group and ask if there’s any of them that plays chess. And as strange as it might be, he’s actually asking for their name and number. He’s even finding out where they live…

The end of a bizarre evening in the cafe’ coming quickly to a close….Perhaps I’m the odd one here tonight….Perhaps I’m the one who’s crazy.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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