Beginning of a New Month, and just perhaps, a New Way of Thinking…

This Monday morning finds the beginning of a new month. The first three months of this year have really flown by and spring is quickly upon us. I say this as I check and see that the temperature outside is only two degrees above freezing. But such is the beginning of this month, this week, and just perhaps a new way of thinking.

This will be a busy day at work, with testing taking place. I’ve purchased a large whiteboard and marked out the schedule for the week, lest I forget the various times and conditions that I’ll be facing each day. A different schedule can be unsettling for many, and I must keep in mind it will be that way for my students as well.

So shower taken, head shaved, fully dressed (well, at least for my coat that I’ll need to put on), second cup of coffee in hand, and need to remember to get my classroom keys and ID tag. And then off to the races we’ll go. Another day in the life of one who retired nine years ago, but still continues to rise each day to head to the classroom once more.

And, oh yes, I haven’t forgotten it’s April Fool’s Day and I’m sure someone will be on their game today and try to pull one over me.

David Lee

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Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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