Second Week Stats

Another full week, my second while on a hiatus from social media, is done and although I’ve read I’m not supposed to pay a lot of attention to numbers, I’m a former math teacher, so it’s what I do.


My blog had 247 views for its second week, down from 270 the first week (a drop of 8.5%).
Average daily views for the second week was 35.3, down from 38.6 for the first week.

I think this is due to the fact that the first week away from Facebook had more people clicking on my link because my post was showing up in their news feed. Now that I’ve been off for two weeks, I don’t think that original post is showing up for others.

The best day for views was on Sunday of this past week, with 66 views. This was the best day of views on this sabbatical, topping the previous week’s high mark of 57 on Thursday.


My blog had 55 visitors for the second week, up from 38 the first week (an increase of 44.7%)

Average daily viewers for the second week was 7.9, up from the 5.4 from the first week.

I was pleased that the number of viewers went up for the week, despite the fact the total number of views took a dip. I have connected with several other WordPress writers and I believe their viewership has helped in this area. I’ve also enjoyed reading their blogs as well.

The best day for viewer numbers was on Wednesday of this past week, with 13 different viewers. Sunday was a close second, with 12 different viewers. During the first week, Wednesday also had the most different viewers, with a high of 14 for the week


While the total number of views for the week dropped 8.5%, the number of viewers increased 44.7%. I feel this means that the viewers that I do have are more likely to return to my blog. The first week had a lot more views due to the fact the blog had a “fresh” post on FB. Now that my FB page has been idle for a couple of weeks, it’s probably no longer showing up in other user’s feeds, so one might expect the number of views to drop. I’m especially excited about the fact that the number of viewers has increased during this same time period.

**Special Note

March of this this year as seen more views, 555 at the time of this writing, than any other month of its inception in October of 2009. The previous monthly high for views was 404 in October of 2015. March is a bit more than halfway over, so the new record will only increase during the next week and a half.

David Lee

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I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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