The End is Near….

I’m nearing the end of my time away from the world of Facebook…Sunday will be the first day that I consider myself “eligible” to log on to the website again.   There was a point that I considered not returning, but I’m thinking along the lines of changing the way I look at the site that seemed to take up so much of my time.

I wish I could say that I’ve had some great epiphany during the time away, but it doesn’t appear that’s going to be the case.  Of course, it could be only after my return that I learn what the true lessons were for the time I spent away.

And yes, there’s a part of me that feels somewhat ridiculous for even speaking about a social media website in such a way.  I think we can tend to make it out to be a lot more than it really is.  But there are some distinct advantages it offers that make my return imminent.

Facebook pluses…..

  • It gives me a chance to share the two daily readings I share each day:  “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” and “Language of Letting Go.”  I have had people share that they got a lot of insights from those readings and I consider it to be a service to continue to share those on a daily basis.
  • It gives me a chance to share the many photographs that I take.  I was looking back over the pictures that I’ve taken since I’ve been away, trying to decide which ones to share when I return.  I’ve shared on Instagram and my WordPress blog, but I think a lot more people get to view them while on FB.
  • I can keep up to date with what’s going on in the community a lot easier.  There are many events that I would learn about only through FB.  And it also afforded an opportunity to both share what events I attended and see what others saw when they went to events I didn’t attend.
  • The FB messenger is one of the fastest, easiest ways to stay in communication with friends….I’ve lost contact with several friends while I’ve been away.  I tried alternate ways to communicate, but the FB messenger was always the fastest and easiest way to stay in touch.
  • I also can share bits and pieces of what’s going on in my life with others….since I’ve been off FB, I’ve acquired two part-time jobs that I would like for others to know about….FB was always a convenient way to let others know what I’m up to….my #workflow pictures were always one of my favorites.

Facebook Minuses…..

  • First and foremost, and I accept responsibility in this area, I spend WAY too much time on FB.  It seemed that it had become an hourly ritual to check to see what others were posting or whether or not I had notifications and messages.  Since I’ve been away, I’ve noticed moreso when others are doing that.  When I do return, I plan on limiting the amount of time I spend on the website.
  • There does tend to be quite a bit of negativity associated with many people’s posts…whether it’s politics or religion or trash-talking someone else’s favorite team, it’s been nice not to have to see that on a daily basis.  Of course, I did learn that I could “unfollow” certain people, so there is an easy remedy to that issue.
  • I think I probably could stand to get out and about more and actually have face-to-face contact with others and not use FB as a substitute for that…having said that, it does give me a feeling of connection with others and especially in the evening hours, makes me feel less alone

And so that’s my condensed take on the all of it…I haven’t decided whether to return on Sunday or Monday of next week.  I’m planning on attending church services and spending time with the family, so perhaps Sunday evening would be the most opportune time to log back on and see what’s transpired.

**** I will have to confess that I accidently did log into FB one time over the period of Lent.  There was an article in the local paper that several people had made comments about.  When I clicked on one persons comment, it did redirect to FB world…I realized what it had done and immediately shut down the page.

David Lee

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I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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