Dreams – What to make of them?

I have noticed here of late that I’ve been having quite a few more memorable dreams than in the past.  I just awakened from an afternoon nap that featured a dream where I was playing basketball for the school team in middle school and was getting quite a bit of playing time.  One of the unique parts of being in the game is that you had a light bulb fixture affixed to the top of your head and when you went into the game, you screwed a bulb in to the fixture and it lit up, showing you were in the game.  That was quite strange.  After halftime our team was being punished by the coach, who just so happened to be someone I worked with in real life last year.  The only problem was that I had gotten sidetracked somewhere along the way and wasn’t participating in the team punishment.  I was left trying to figure out what to do and wondering whether or not we were going to even play the second half of the game.  Strange dream indeed.

I’ve had other dreams that feature family members,,,teachers I’ve worked with,,,,even people that have passed away and are no longer with us.  When I awaken I’m more likely to remember the content of the dreams and I have even started writing some of them down.

I’m many times left wondering what the dreams are supposed to mean, if anything.  I’ve always felt that dreams are a way our brains process information that aren’t a part of our conscious thinking….in other words, our subconscious thoughts being played out in our dreams.

Many years ago, before my divorce, I kept having the same short dream over and over and over.   I never could quite figure out the meaning of the dream, nor why I kept having it so often.  Then separation and divorce were in the process of occurring and I had the dream one last time.  Suddenly the contents of the dream made perfect sense.  And after having that dream one last time, I’ve never had it again.

Now I’m not saying that my dreams were forecasting the future, but the symbolism of what occurred in the dream was very close to real life events.  And I find it somewhat interesting that only one more time did I have that dream and then no more.  That was because I finally figured out what the dream meant.  I did also write that one down in my journal, along with my interpretation of its meaning.

And while the dreams may not hold any particular cosmic significance, I do find it interesting that they’ve increased in frequency and are much easier to remember.   Perhaps I should get a separate journal, completely devoted to recording the dreams I can remember.  I might have just hit on something there.


David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

6 thoughts on “Dreams – What to make of them?

  1. Our dreams are full of archetypes that speak to our unconscious mind. Google Jungian archetypes, animal totems, and Mayan archetypes. Symbols are very important, like email from the cosmos. Lol

      1. I have several of those…just looking for something to give a broad overview

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