The Shadow Queen – #16






The Shadow Queen gently asks you to address your innermost character flaws with compassion, for now it’s time to bring your wounded self and hidden agendas into the light. You’re seeing the tangible results of those aspects of your nature that have evolved in response to the difficulties in your life: they’ve been a means to help you survive Perhaps you’re falling prey to insecurity masked as elitism and arrogance, believing that you know best; to comparing yourself with others; or to being fearful and self-sabotaging. You may have been taught that manipulating others rather than being direct is the way to get your needs met. The Shadow Queen reminds you that manipulation in any form isn’t the best method of getting what you want. Another meaning that can also apply is the possibility that you’re being affected by someone else’s wounded self. Perhaps you are the one being manipulated. Whatever the case, it’s time to take a fearless personal inventory and observe what part you play in the dramas and potential disasters in your life. When you come to the place of humility, forgiveness, and grace, then you may proceed again and walk into the Light. There is great value and strength in facing your own shadow in the realm of the Shadow Queen.

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty-three year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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