Second Free-Lance Photography Assignment Completed…

Last night was my second night of doing photography as a free lance for the local newspaper.  I once again was able to get my quota of pictures, even though it took a bit longer than last time out.

One of the first venues I went to was quite crowded and I got an abundance of good shots.  There was also a group of friends eating there and I stopped to chat with them for a while.  The weather was a bit more cooperative, so the second venue I went to had outside diners.  It was nice to get a “different” kind of picture and they were more than cooperative.

One of the spots that I went to last week was pretty dead, so I skipped over it and went to the next.  I once again saw some friends there and I as I continued to take pictures, had some good conversation as well.  I even stopped by the local theater and even though I didn’t get but a couple of pictures, it was the first “new” place I had encountered.  I did see a family making use of the new downtown playground, but they weren’t comfortable with me taking their pictures, so again I hit the trail.

I went to another restaurant in the uptown area and got some shots and then got in the car and headed for another section of town.  I started out with one of the places I had visited last week and then tried three locations I hadn’t been to last week. I got some good results from those venues as well.  I found that people are less likely to want their picture taken if the place I’m at is primarily just a “bar” and not a restaurant.  Duly noted for next visit….

I will say there was one place I visited, which shall remain unnamed, in which I didn’t feel comfortable taking any pictures.  Any of the pics I would have gotten there wouldn’t have been suitable for publication.  I’ll just leave it at that.

I did have a bit of a problem with the newspaper computer this morning.  It had been “locked” by one of the full time photographers and I couldn’t access the folder that I used to upload the pictures I had taken. Luckily, there was a reporter there who had the phone number of the photographer and I was able to get it unlocked and upload the pictures without any problems.

So the second week completed, I was able to say it was another job well-done.  I had gotten a nice text from the editor earlier in the day stating that they had gotten quite a few more hits on their webpage due to last week’s pictures and that quite a few people had seen them via social media as well.  So all-in-all, a good first two weeks at the job.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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