Morning Musings….

Gathering my thoughts with my morning cup of coffee would seem to be the first order for the day.  So here it goes, thinking out loud….

I had a really difficult time getting to sleep last night.  I am pretty sure I was up past the three a.m. hour, but can’t be 100% sure since I still haven’t changed all the clocks in the house one full week after the time change.  That will have to be a priority for today’s to-do list.

1.)  Change clocks to correct time throughout the house

Another one of the first things I noticed out of the gate this morning was that the house is in need of cleaning and organization.  I normally do cleaning piecemeal, but I’m thinking I need to try to stick to the task today, especially in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom…OK, that pretty much means the whole house

2.)  Put in a significant amount of time with housecleaning today

My parents are out of town today, so that means we won’t be having the usual family lunch together.  That’s been a family tradition for as many years as I can remember, starting with Sundays spent with my great grandparents.  That does give me a bit more time to take care of the other things on my list today.  I’ll probably head out at some time this morning to get a bite to eat since I don’t have a lot of ready to eat food in the fridge.

3.)  Have brunch out and about sometime this morning

I didn’t write in my journal at all on Friday.  And while I did write some yesterday, I still feel the need to do some writing today.  I also plan on reading in my devotional book as well.

4.)  Write in journal and read in devotional book

I did go out and about yesterday to take some pictures.  After spending the night before in my first official paid assignment as a free-lance photographer, I felt the need to go out and get some pictures of my choosing.  I realized last night that I had left my camera in the car and didn’t go back out to get it.  So I need to upload the pictures I took to my computer at some point in time today and perhaps even go out and take some more.

5.)  Upload, edit, and share pictures taken yesterday and perhaps add to the collection

OK….so I’m not used to making a to-do list and certainly not accustomed to doing the things I’ve listed.  So for right now, I’m going to stop making a list and actually go ahead and get the day started.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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