First Assignment Almost Complete

My first night of taking free-lance photos for the local newspaper turned out pretty well.  A torrential downpour hampered me a little bit, but overall I was pleased with the way things turned out.  I spent a total of two hours and fifteen minutes on the assignment and got my quota of pictures… all-in-all, a good first night.

I started my assignment on the uptown square since there are quite a few venues within a short walking distance. I started at the local wine shop and got several pictures of both employees and customers.  Next, I went to one of busier restaurants downtown and was especially pleased with the pictures I was able to get while there.

Next, I traveled to the other main street of our downtown area and visited the restaurant/bar that “below ground.”  It was packed and I was happy to get a good number of pictures of customers that seemed more than willing to have their pictures taken for the local paper.  Afterwards, I went to yet another bar/restaurant across the street and got quite a few animated shots from its patrons.

I did stop by my favorite uptown coffee shop and there weren’t any customers there, but the two baristas on duty were obliging to let me get their picture.  I then decided to re-visit the first couple of places I’d visited and was able to get a few more pictures.

Across the railroad tracks it was to the largest of the restaurants I visited.  I found a former student that was working in the wine shop on premises and got several good pictures there.  I think went to the restaurant side of things and was once again happy with the results. I saw two more former students enjoying their meals there.

It was then time to travel to other venues on the other side of our fair town.  The first place I went to was one of the more popular spot for locals.  I saw quite a few friends there and even a former girlfriend.  I quickly sidestepped that situation when I saw she had a date with her.  I also got several people that chose not to have their pictures taken.  That was the part of the job that I was dreading, but I assume that’s a part of the drill when you’re taking pictures for publication.

I went to two other local restaurants before calling it a night.  My favorite was the final place I went to, a family owned Italian restaurant.  I got a short history of the sixteen year old business, as well as a picture of the entire family.  They were especially friendly and I think that’s a place I’ll want to visit soon to sample some of their cuisine.

I stopped by a fast food joint on my way home, realizing I hadn’t eaten supper.  I treated myself to a milkshake, which I usually try to stay away from.  I totally enjoyed my meal, realizing I had reached my goal of pictures for the night.

Tomorrow morning I will go by the newspaper office and upload the pictures to their computer. It will be my first time of doing that and I’m hoping that goes off without a hitch.  And then of course, the editor will look at the pictures and I’ll wait in great anticipation of his evaluation of my first night’s work.

I’ll update my blog and hopefully also be able to provide a link to where my readers can actually see some of the pictures I took….as for right now, I’m bushed….so it’s off to bed.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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