Daily Reading – The Ice Queen (again)





When the Ice Queen comes to challenge you, she asks you to look at the illusion of ownership. Do you believe you truly own anything in this world? For example, do any of us really own land . . . do we own ideas? Or is it that we have simply laid claim to something we believe we’re entitled to? Even inspiration is borrowed from Spirit and shared by all in the Field of Divine Consciousness that permeates everything. Others have thought of even your most ingenious ideas somewhere else in time . . . and so what. Life incarnate is short. When you transition, you take nothing with you from the material world. The Ice Queen calls upon you to release your hold on your relationships, your belongings, your home, and all aspects of your life. Let life flow as it will. Everything is impermanent. Once you recognize that, everything is seen as the living miracle that it really is, and you won’t be frozen into self-induced limitations. It’s time to let go of ownership in general and be grateful for and enjoy what you’ve been gifted with.

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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