Staying Away from Facebook…

As a part of my Lenten season, I am doing without something that means a lot to me. This year I have once again vowed to stay away from the social networking site Facebook. I’ve previously explained how important the site has become to a single guy, living on his own, so I won’t go into details there. But I would like to say a few words about what it’s like to go without it’s activities for two weeks now.

They say you don’t realize how much time you spend doing something until you can’t do it anymore and such is the case with staying away from FB. There are so many times that things were happening in my life that I wanted to share in my status message but wasn’t able to. I love to try to predict the weather and just yesterday we had a snowstorm that I would have loved to tried to predict. I’m also a person that enjoys my music and I miss posting the “Spin of the Day.” I also miss finding out about what’s going on with my friends and family. Status messages were always a way to keep you in touch with others.

Yes, the last two weeks have been long, but I feel like it’s getting easier and easier to stay away each day…. In my next blog, I’ll be telling what I have been doing with my extra time.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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