The Land of No Conflict…

“Vow to have fewer conflicts in your life.  You came from no conflict, so you can return there and know heave on earth by refusing to let you inner world be conflicted by anyone at anytime.”  – Jim Dyer

This quote appeared on a daily calendar I use here at my computer desk.  It’s quite ironic and some would say not just coincidence that my personal life is experiencing some conflict of its own over the past week or so.  And while most all of the conflict comes from a source I rarely have contact with, it still can be a bit thought-provoking if someone has less-than-admirable thoughts about you.  This other person’s feelings also have an effect on those I care very deeply for, which in and of itself can cause conflict for me.

I have to remember that the only person I have any control over is myself.  And many times the thoughts and emotions I experience are beyond my locus of control as well.  I have to know that I can turn to God and He will guide my thoughts, words, and deeds to those He would have me to do in His name.  I know that nothing, absolutely nothing in His world happens by mistake and the only thing I can effectively change is me and my attitudes.

A simple lesson to learn, but not one that I’ve found is easy to put into practice… It’s a story of patient progress, not perfection.

David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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