The Days that are Darkest…

In the process of going through some difficult times in life, I’ve learned that you have to keep a balance between what’s going on around you and your emotions.  There are times when, for no apparent reason, a darkness descends on your day, much like a black cloud that suddenly appears and follows your every move.

In situations such as this, I’ve learned that it’s not wise to ignore these depressive thoughts, but instead keep them in a proper perspective.  It’s so very easy to get carried away with the darkness that you lose sight of the fact that they’re just a part of your existence and not something that is going to be with you on a permanent basis.

When I find myself in the midst of one of those “dark cloud days,”  I find that visual imagery helps soften the blow of the depressive thoughts.  I picture myself standing top of a bridge that overlooks a flowing river.  The river contains all those dark, negative thoughts that are rummaging about in my mind.  I can see the feelings and emotions and understand they are there, which means I’m not ignoring them.  But by the same token, I’m not jumping into the river either.  I’m not going to allow myself to get mired in the murky flow and drown myself in depressive thoughts.

Yes, sometimes the stand on the bridge lasts a long while,,, but at the same time I know that my best defense against a dark cloud day is to put myself above it all.

David Lee[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=river+under+bridge&iid=7333805″ src=”8/8/7/6/The_Barker_Crossing_b269.jpg?adImageId=8747747&imageId=7333805″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

One thought on “The Days that are Darkest…

  1. David,

    This is so true. There are many of us standing with you on that bridge watching our own river of depressing thoughts. Like you, we stand there long periods at times. The nice thing is, we know we are not alone. You many not see us, but we are on that bridge with you. We also leave that bridge and realize, life goes on and there are better days ahead.

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