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Page One

When looking at the preceding post, some would say “Where did you come up with the forty-four year period of time in schools?”  Unless I started at a very young age as a teacher (I’m currently fifty years old), that would have been quite a feat.  I’m including in that number my own years as a student, beginning in the first grade.

I went to Kenworth Elementary School from first through sixth grades.  The school is still standing and often when I go by I have a flood of memories to go along with the view.

College Park Junior High School was the next stop.  I had the seventh through ninth grades in that building, which now houses the alternative school as well as the American Red Cross.

Hickory High was next in line.  At that point, high school covered tenth through twelfth grades and it was from there that I graduated in 1977.  We recently had our thirtieth reunion and it was good to see so many that I knew way-back-when.

I decided to be a homeboy and went to Lenoir-Rhyne College, where I started out as a business major.  When I was registering for the sophomore spring semester, I got in line behind a young woman and struck up a conversation with her  immediately.  Turns out she was an education major and began telling me about how excited she was with her coursework.  To make a long story short, by the time I go to the end of the line, I had changed from a business major to an education major.  Sometime I wonder how life would have turn out if I hadn’t gotten behind her in line.

After graduating from Lenoir-Rhyne in 1981, I began my teaching career.  After my student teaching experience as well as my first year of teaching, I wasn’t entirely sure I had made the right choice.  But as most of our lives bear out, we end up doing exactly what we’re supposed to in life.

I returned to Lenoir-Rhyne and took coursework to be able to teach gifted education.  Those eighteen credit hours equaled half of what was needed to get a master’s degree, so I went ahead and got the remaining hours and received my M.A. in middle school gifted education in 1989.

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David Lee

Published by David Lee Moser

I am a sixty year old semi-retired elementary science teacher.

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