When Mama was a Little Girl – by James Buckham

The following is the second of poems I found in newspaper clippings found in my great grandparents’ Bible:

When Mama was a Little Girl – by James Buckham

When mama was a little girl,
The children were so good – dear me!
They always did what they were told,
And kept as clean as clean could be.

You never saw them running off
Where they were ordered not to play,
Nor heard them use a naughty word,
As we bad children do to-day.

They went to church and Sunday-school
With willing feet and faces bright,
And helped their parents, oh! so much,
And dropped to sleep like birds at night.

They never quarreled over toys,
Nor scratched, nor pushed, my mama says,
Nor twisted pussy’s squirming tail,
Nor had such fretful, teasing ways.

Oh, dear! I sit and wonder why
Those gone-by children did no wrong.
How human nature must have changed
In not so very, very long!

I really wonder if mama
Remembers all she used to do
When she was young? – for grandmama
Seems just as used to spanking too!

Freddy’s Questions – a poem by Mabel Matson

The following is a poem that was found in a clipping from a newspaper. The clipping was in a Bible that belonged to my great grandparents and I liked it so much I thought I would share it:

Freddy’s Questions – a poem by Mabel Matson

You say that God is here upon our earth
And up in heaven too,
You tell me He is everywhere at once –
Oh, how can it be true?

Are the bright sunny skies of blue His smile,
And the dark skies His frown?
And does He ride upon the thunder clouds,
And send the lightning down?

Do you supposed that they are just His voice,
The whispering winds that blow?
And does He watch beside our little brook,
To see the violets grow?

I wonder if He walks upon the seas,
To steer the ships aright;
And if He guides the wandering honey bees,
And brings them home at night?

Does He know every little bird by name
That flits from tree to tree?
Does He care for each one of them and does
He care for you and me?

Does He watch o’er us through the long dark nights,
And are you sure ‘tis true
He always knows if we do right or wrong
I wish I really knew.

Patience, Tolerance, and Acceptance…

Patience, tolerance, and acceptance are three principles that I have to work on each and every day. The world today moves at a break-neck pace and sometimes I forget that everyone has their own rate of speed with which to do things. It’s not really up to me to tell other’s how or at what pace they should be doing something. I need to accept that things are exactly the way they are supposed to be and are under God’s control.

As a teacher of twelve and thirteen year olds, I’ve over the years developed a high level of patience. But there still remain those days when I can get really frustrated with someone and have a hard time dealing with it. I’ve been known to say during the school day, “Jesus, please help me.” And when I do that, I’m not casually throwing those words out there. I actually do need his guidance to lead me to do what He would have me to do.

I have to accept that everyone is not as I think they should be… I don’t know what’s best always for myself, so why would I think I would know what’s best for anyone else? Others are usually doing what they think best at any particular point in time and it’s not always for me to dictate how or if they should change what they’re doing.

Above all else, I also have to be patient, tolerant, and accepting of myself. I can be rougher on myself that I would ever allow anyone else to be. It’s the nature of the beast to want to do out best, but we’re not looking at spiritual perfection, but instead are depending on progress we slowly begin to see.

David Lee

Mid-Week Thoughts…

The Dog I'm visiting Saturday and possibly adopting
Mid-Week Thoughts on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

* Today at school was a less-than-spectacular day.. some days are better than others and if you throw an irate parent into the mix, it can make for a long day.

* I really detest paperwork. I know it is a necessary part of my job, but that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable.

* I can lose my patience and temper with an uncooperative internet or computer situation faster than at any other time… Continued frustration at the website I have to use to record grades led me to say a few “choice words” this evening

* I need to do some serious housecleaning over the next four days.

* Sunday we have to set our clocks ahead one hour… it takes a while to get used to… I have been getting out of bed earlier and getting to work sooner this week in preparation for the change in time over this next weekend.

* I purchased a Suzanne Vega CD that was just released and can honestly say that she has become on of my favorite artists.

* I didn’t watch American Idol any this week and the world still seems to working fine without having seen it.

* There are 62 student days of school left in my teaching career.

* I am going to go to Gastonia Saturday afternoon to meet with a foster parent of a German Shepherd dog. If things go well, I may actually be able to get the paperwork done and bring her home with me that day.

* I realize how much of computer time was spent on FB because now the checking of emails and certain websites takes just a few minutes.

David Lee

Notes and Musings for a Beautiful Saturday Morning…

Notes and Musings for Saturday, March 6, 2010

* What a beautiful Saturday it’s going to be ,,, current temperature is 38 degrees with blue skies and sunshine,,, springtime can’t be far behind

* Speaking of springtime, next Sunday is the day we must bite the bullet and set our clocks ahead one hour.

* Nothing quite beats a livermush sandwich at the Windy City Grill

* Am seriously considering getting a German Shepherd dog… have three emails out to people who have ads posted with a dog for sale and have as of yet to hear from any of them… perhaps a sign that I’m not ready for a dog, or even yet, the dog is much closer by than these.

* The are only 64 student days of school left in my teaching career… this past week I filled out the first two pieces of official paperwork to get the retirement process underway.

David Lee