100 Days of Writing – Day Eighty-Five

This past year has been one that’s seen many changes in my life. Many of them occurred in May of last year and then once again, just a week before Christmas. As the first anniversaries of some of those events are just around the corner, I did some reflecting on how they’ve affected my life.Continue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Eighty-Five”

Daily Writing Prompt

My most influential teacher was my high school history teacher. Alas, it was not his history class that I most remember him for, but instead his caring attitude towards students. It just so happens he was also the junior varsity baseball team, of which I was a member. The year I played on his teamContinue reading “Daily Writing Prompt”

100 Days of Writing – Day Seventy-Six

I’ve always been obsessed with numbers. I believe they have a story to tell and a path to point to. I recently came upon a guide that shows what certain repeating numbers mean and looked out for those as I went through my day. I found two such patterns and share those with you today.Continue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Seventy-Six”

100 Days of Writing – Day Seventy

Signs, signs, every a sign…. my hobby of collecting soft drink advertising signs has been a staple in my life for over forty years. And although I don’t often get any signs to add to my collection, I have more than enough. My hobby of collecting soft drink advertising signs started when I was aContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Seventy”

100 Days of Writing – Day Sixty-Six

The year to end all years….2022 has been a year I’d soon like to forget. Perhaps it’s the test of all tests for me. I must remember to keep the faith and trust the journey. This calendar year started off innocently enough. I suppose I thought it would be a year filled with many goodContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Sixty-Six”

100 Days of Writing – Day Sixty-Four

“An attitude of gratitude on this day…” A lot has changed in my life over the past year. As I have gotten older, the number of changes I experience seem to multiply. And while some of the changes are seemingly for the better, there are others that seem to be for the worse. I amContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Sixty-Four”

100 Days of Writing – Day Fifty-Two

Jersey swap,,,a college jersey and neat story. I recently purchased a Lenoir-Rhyne University baseball jersey, one that was actually worn by a Bear baseball player. When attending the opening game of the football season with my wife, I decided to wear the jersey to support the home team. While I was waiting in line forContinue reading “100 Days of Writing – Day Fifty-Two”