Sabbatical Almost Done….

In less that twenty-four hours from now, my hiatus from social media will be done. Lent, at least for me, comes to a close at midnight tonight. And it’s at that time that I’ll end my sabbatical and return to social media. Lots has happened since I logged on there last and it will beContinue reading “Sabbatical Almost Done….”

One Other’s Take on Taking a Break…

A 2016 study of more than 1,000 participants found that people who took a one-week break from Facebook had greater life satisfaction. “If you stop logging into Facebook, you’re not going to get the shakes and start vomiting and going into physical withdrawals.” Taking social media breaks, or quitting altogether, isn’t a great option forContinue reading “One Other’s Take on Taking a Break…”

Many Join My Hiatus, but Not by Choice…

As I perused this morning’s news, I became aware that several social media sites, including Facebook were not operating for about three hours early Sunday morning. The outages of FB, Instagram, and Whatsapp were reported just after 6 a.m. eastern time and all three were back online by 9 a.m. So like it or not,Continue reading “Many Join My Hiatus, but Not by Choice…”

Heading Towards the Homestretch….

The time marking my hiatus from social media is quickly coming to a close. Ten more days and I’ll be logging on to Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat once more. It’s certainly been an interesting five weeks thus far and I’ve realized what a hold social media does have on my life. The last couple ofContinue reading “Heading Towards the Homestretch….”