Years of Service – Part Three

Years of Service – Part Three During the first two years of my tenure at H.M. Arndt I taught both seventh and eighth grade math and science.  I was paired with Betty Lohr, who had more than thirty years experience.  The second of those two years I taught an algebra class and had a pre-algebraContinue reading “Years of Service – Part Three”

Years of Service – Part Two

Years of Service – Part Two Once again the school year started up and once again I didn’t have a teaching position.  I decided it would be a good idea to at least substitute teach to have myself  “out there” in case a position would become open.  I made index cards with my name andContinue reading “Years of Service – Part Two”

Years of Service – Part One

Years of Service – Part One My teaching career has spanned twenty eight years and two and a half months.  All of those have been in Catawba County,  including my semester of student teaching at St. Stephens Elementary in 1981. In ’81 teaching jobs were hard to come by.  I hadn’t been hired by theContinue reading “Years of Service – Part One”